Grow Your Organization's Security Posture with Practical Offensive Security Education

Offensive security research directly applicable to multiple business areas. Level up your red + blue teams: equip developers with the techniques & knowledge to think & act with the same capabilities of advanced threat actors.

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Gain the Competitive Edge with Solutions Tailored for Your Team's Business Area

Designed to enhance various teams in corporate businesses by growing offensive security capabilities that are directly applicable to their business area. This includes traditional security areas such as threat simulation teams (red teams, threat intelligence) and blue teams, alongside developer teams that may integrate or uplift offensive security solutions for secure code development and analysis.

Our training offers the quickest path to obtaining skills in our specialist areas, including direct access to our instructors. We understand that every organization faces distinct challenges, which is why our expert instructors work hand-in-hand with you to craft personalized training experiences and customized services unique for your business and cybersecurity posture.

Develop Your Team's Capabilties

Our trainings are designed for maximum applicability and longevity via real-world practical use-cases and continuous updates. We work closely with your team to assess their needs and provide a comprehensive training solution tailored to their experience and strategic posture for maximum returns.

Our solutions are considerate of your business’ needs and growth, we provide not only one-shot technical trainings but also design continuous training solutions to support growing teams or multi-discipline groups composed of various teams.

Our trainings are flexible and can be tailored for a range of skill levels, including content for introductory-levels and the latest research for existing expert practitioners. Our solutions additionally cover a range of expertise areas, including the most advanced topics leveraged by modern practitioners in 0-day vulnerability research, reverse engineering, offensive tool development and more, uniquely customized for your team.

We work with you to ensure our solutions align with your business requirements and are optimized for return-value, including flexible learning formats, access to training content, long-term and ongoing support + malleability for our solutions.

Leverage our years of experience and expertise with access to our professionals who can offer guidance, insights and recommendations based on your unique business environment and challenges. You’ll also have direct access to our instructors during our trainings and after with dedicated after-training support.

We leverage our content in real-world engagements and research, which feeds back into our trainings, ensuring we provide the latest tools & techniques with demonstrated applicability.

By leveraging the versatility and adaptability of custom trainings, businesses can enjoy a tailored approach that enhances their security posture, supports strategic growth, and ensures a robust defense against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

How It Works

We work with you to determine the optimal training solution that fits your team best.

We create specialized, tailored course curriculums based on your team's goals.

We develop practical exercises, supporting custom code, solution projects & workbooks.

We deliver our custom training in your preferred format, including live (both on-site or remotely).

We provide support to your team as they review and apply their training.

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There are some key differences between our business solutions and public offerings:

The first is the extensive customization of our content, tooling and after-course support unique to our business offerings.

With our business solutions, we create bespoke trainings from a variety of our existing specializations based on your team’s requirements, allowing us to pull in various course modules or create new ones to form a personalized course unique for your team.

Additionally, we offer various support terms and lengths to give your team direct access to our instructors, that are readily available to answer any questions or discussions about the content or assist with their related projects.

Another feature of our business offerings includes flexible training schedules and formats (on-site, remote) that work best for your team.

Yes, we can provide significant value to your blue team defenders or developers through learning and developing a complete understanding of various advanced offensive security skills, techniques and code utilized by real threat actors. We enrich developers with the tools and knowledge required to test, verify and analyze code through the lens of threat actors. We can work with you to create the syllabus that best suites your team and tailor our examined scenarios or techniques and code based on specific threat actors or preferred scenarios.

Signal Labs will continue to provide support to your team as they review and apply their learnings for a variable period of time, based on your team’s requirements.

Discover the difference a tailored approach to cybersecurity can make.

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We'll let you know when our next live training is scheduled.

Stay Connected

We'll let you know when our next live training is scheduled.

Stay Connected

We'll let you know when our next live training is scheduled.

Stay Connected

We'll let you know when our next live training is scheduled.